WILGURSON, nicknamed “Tigress”, weighed only 54lbs. when he was 11-years old. For most of his childhood, this sweet and affectionate boy was starved and abused in an unlicensed orphanage.

In 2014, Wilguerson’s grandmother rescued him and showed him what affection feels like, however, his grandmother struggled to care for him and her three other grandchildren by hand-sewing uniforms and other clothes with whatever pieces of material she can get.

Her single bedroom house, made of clay and sticks, was falling apart, and we were concerned that it would fall in on the children, but LFBS bought materials to stabilize the dwelling.

Wilguerson lived in the LFBS Safe House in 2014, where he was able to receive medical care, and recover from an operation on his woefully painful testicular hernia.

Now Wilguerson is living with his loving grandmother and excelling in the fourth grade.

Wilgurson + new mattresses for Safe House
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