is a 16 year old who has been through more than any child should. He was raised in a horrifically abusive orphanage in which he was beaten, humiliated, fed once per day, if at all, and forced to sleep in the mud with no protection from Haiti’s heavy rains.

Oberny has been malnourished and demeaned for years, but nonetheless, he is a gentle and loving soul whose life is turning around!

Last year he lived in the Little Footprints, Big Steps Safe House while they traced down his mother. He finished school, and  is in now in vocational training (he’s chosen plumbing!),

Oberny is spending the summer at home with his mother and sister (and her baby daughter). Despite the depravation there, he wants to be with his family, and will return to LFBS at the end of summer to continue his education.

Oberny at beach
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