Milandie’s House

Milandie’s House

Milandie's family June 2015


ONE SMALL HOUSE built a home for Milandie’s family, and 3 of the Safe House boys, along with one of Morgan’s Outreach workers, volunteered to help for a month, living in Leogone (about 2-hours from Les Cayes).

These are former violent, tough street kids who now realize they are strong enough & valuable enough to help OTHER people in need. 

For years, Morgan has moved vulnerable families into rented houses or, with the help of non-profit ONE SMALL HOUSE, built

homes in safe areas for families, while putting the children in school and helping the parent(s) become self-sufficient.

This is the story of Milandie’s house.

Milandie is a 16 year old who was previously in the corrupt orphanage Morgan lived in during 2011, but who has been reunited with her mother since 2012. She was living in Obamaville, a tent village on the outskirts of Cite Soleil (soul-sucking slum in PAP), in a small two-bedroom shelter made of a stick frame with metal sheets for walls.

Milandie and her younger siblings walked to school in Bon Repos every day in 2014, but one afternoon, Milandie was kidnapped by 3 men while walking home home. They took her to their home (in the neighborhood she passes by every single day on her way to school), and spent the afternoon violating her. Then they kicked her back out onto the street. 

Milandie and her family were no longer comfortable living in the area, especially because they’ve tried sending police to arrest the aggressors, but did not find them at the time – which puts Milandie and her family at risk of being attacked again.

LFBS moved Milandie into their Girls’ Home in Les Cayes to keep her safe, but her mother was concerned about the younger children, who were still walking through the same area each day.

Morgan met with Milandie and both of her parents who were absolutely willing to move, and were eager for the opportunity to have a fresh start in addition to the stability and security of their own (real) home. 

The family was able to choose the colors for their new home, and they chose cream with pink trim.

Milandie is now in school, and LFBS will provide the family with counseling to help heal the wounds of the past few years. Morgan’s Outreach worker, Samuel, visits them every month.

Milandie & Louisiane's houses
Milandie & her father
Milandie, Echenel & Ednel (from Safe House) visit Milandie
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