Louisiane’s House

Louisiane’s House

Louisiane's home before Leogone


Morgan had been working with Louisiane’s family since 2012. This is a family of a mother (Louisiane), father, 2 boys (11 and 9 years old) and 2 girls (13 and 5 years old).

In 2012, the entire family actually lived in Morgan’s Safe House! Their ‘house’, which is really a square made of metal roofing sheets, had flooded. They had only a sheet for a door, mud for a floor, and thin, rusting walls. The entire family slept on a metal bed frame on the mud floor.  The children were all malnourished and sick from the inhumane living conditions

Furthermore, this family lived in the most dangerous part of town. LFBS was not even able to visit them with foreigners; if they had a gift or food for the family, they arranged for the mother to come pick it up in the Safe House, because if they brought it to their home, the neighbors would harass the family or just steal things outright.

Most cases of thievery and gunshots occurred in this part of town. One night, a man with a mask entered into Louisiane’s house and woke them. He held a gun to the children’s heads and said that if they didn’t have money to give him, he would rape their daughter (13 year old Fabiola).

The family’s father chased the man off with a large piece of metal, but he could return at any time. LFBS helped the family notify the police but they had no ID on the offender, so nothing was done.

In 2015, we began the Leogone project, and ONE SMALL HOUSE built a new, safe, clean house painted in the colors the family chose, pink with blue trim.

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