Gym Sports 1

By Morgan Wienberg

Saturday mornings at the gym double as time with a group of 20 former street children who we’ve enrolled in a Sports Program designed to encourage teamwork and mentorship among the children while also teaching them vocational skills & providing them with some nutritious meals.

Yesterday, Kendy presented me with a gift: he pulled this necklace from his torn backpack and clasped it around my neck.

How greatly I treasure this gift. When a child – who has so little that the streets offer more food, stability & amusement than his home – feels inclined to give a piece of his few possessions to another… this is exactly what we are working for. This is exactly the type of child we want to support, to grow, to empower not only to make changes for himself but to consider others as well.

Thank you Kendy!

I will wear this precious necklace to church and make sure Kendy sees it.

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