Has experienced more suffering in her 20 years than anyone should . Enslaved in a for-profit orphanage, she was beaten and demeaned, while given responsibility for over 6 children, without pay or more than one meal per day!

Eventually the orphanage owner gave Guerdit away, as though she was an object, to work for a local family. She was their slave. Guerdit looked after this family’s children, cooked their meals and cleaned their home, but was emaciated herself. When this host family threatened to throw Guerdit onto a burning fire, she stood up and left.

Guerdit’s mother believed all this time, that her daughter was being cared for and educated by kindly people. When reunited with Guerdit, she burst into tears. “They turned my daughter into a zombie!” she cried.

Now Guerdit lives in our girls’ Safe House so that she can advance her education and maintain her health, but spends summers with her mother, who happens to be our cook!

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  • Walking in the prcsenee of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

    December 21, 2016 at 10:24 pm