Cruise Ship Program

Cruise Ship Program


Four young men have now joined the four young women from the Safe Houses in the Ocean Link Cruise Ship training program (Oceanlink Maritime Training Institution.

This program offers extraordinary opportunities for deserving young people, who are motivated to work hard and become leaders in their communities.

In preparation:

6-months of intensive classes in English.

6-months of physical training, as a mind/body/soul exercise.

6-months of International Training, including First

Aid, food safety, security, swimming, fire fighting, etc. and graduates will receive Certificates for each course.

On the job:

21 countries will be visited in the first 7-month contract.

Haitian cruise staff will be paid $750 monthly!!!  If a Haitian is lucky enough to have a job, they might make about $1.50 – $1.75 a day.

Money will be deposited into staff’s own bank accounts, and they will receive advice & counseling on how to spend these large sums once their contracts are up.

Each worker will be given enough of their monthly salary for personal items, calls home, and tour excursions in each port.

Once these young people complete their contracts, they will return home with a new sense of self-esteem & confidence, highly educated, with enough money to change their lives, the lives of their families and their communities

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